Empowering women through self-defense education.

Our Mission

To empower women through self-defense education.

Our mission is accomplished in several parts: by sponsoring individuals to become certified self-defense instructors; donating equipment to organizations teaching self-defense and rape prevention classes; sponsoring self-defense classes; and through educational materials to provide information on rape prevention and self-defense.

Our Story

In April of 2011, Lily Konowitz, then a senior at Newton South High School, went to Aruba with family friends for her vacation break. While there, a stranger attacked Lily in a restaurant bathroom. Lily fought back. She used the techniques that she had learned in a self-defense class, sponsored by the Newton Police Department just three weeks before. The class was part of a program called R.A.D. (Rape; Aggression; Defense). Lily escaped with only physical injuries, which would have been far worse if she had not taken the R.A.D. self-defense class and fought back. The Lily Konowitz Foundation for Women's Safety was established in the summer of 2011. In 2014, the organization's name was officially changed to Stand Up! for Women's Safety.

Lily's Letter to RAD Systems"...I am writing to say thank you. Your intensive self-defense program is what enabled me to defend myself against an attacker without suffering any permanent or life-threatening injuries..."
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